Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ferrari Unveils F1 2010 Car

The F10, Ferrari's brand new machine which will be competing in the 2010 Formula One season has been unveiled. Official testing will commence in Valencia on February 1, and Fernando Alonso along with Felipe Massa can't wait to get into the cockpit.

Ferrari Unveils F1 2010 Car
Ferrari had one of their worst years in the 2009 Formula 1 season, finishing a poor 4th in the team standings. Both their drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa also finished the drivers standings at a poor 6th and 11th respectively. So Ferrari will be eager to put a comparatively miserable year behind them and get a head start for this new season. But they will have to fend off stiff challenge from Mercedes who have recruited 7 time world champ Michael Schumacher, besides having in possession last year's winning team (read: Formula 1: Mercedes-Benz Buy Up Champion Team). Then there is McLaren who have the all British line up of Lewis Hamilton and last year's world champ Jenson Button. So Ferrari have their work cut out for this season, and just a brand new car isn't going to assure them of a top slot.

Ferrari Unveils F1 2010 Car
Whenever Ferrari unveiled a new car, they named it 'F' and a number for the corresponding year. Last year they had named the car F60, in honor of Ferrari's 60th anniversary in Formula 1. This year they have gone back to the conventional way and have named their car F10. This season is going to be extra exciting with so many transfers (drivers to teams), and also a whole lot of new teams that will be competing. The grid is going to be packed, and no team can take their chances for granted. Just a month or so to go for the start, all fans waiting with bated breath

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