Thursday, September 15, 2011

Porsche 356

The make of Porsche 356 consists of, a hard windshield, a folding top, body-contoured seating, four-cylinders and is officially known as Porsche's first production automobile sold in the duration of 1948 - to April 1965. Basically, Porsche 64 was known to be the first automobile produced by this company, but it did not turn out to be a mass-production car, and was just a test car. Of all wheel drive cars, Porsche 356 is a rear-wheel-drive, has an agile handling, a rear-engine, is light-weighted, and in short, is a 2 door sports car which is produced by the German. The varieties available in 356 are, convertible and hardtop.

Porsche 356
The Elegance of Porsche 356
The design of Porsche 356 was known to stick to its beauty no matter what. Its style didn't role away over the years. Refinement, elegance and design of it persisted for quite a big span of time. This car has always been famous in the shadow of the motor press. In the list of Top Sports Cars of the 1960s declared by the Sports Car International, Porsche 356C ranked 10th in 2004. Certain reviews say that, thousands of owners worldwide have maintained their Porsche decently and drive them regularly because it is exceedingly regarded to be a collector car.

Variants of Porsche 356
In the early 1950s, Cabriolets, i.e. Convertibles, were offered in the market from the beginning. It is observed from the history of 60s famous sports cars, that Porsche's most collected model was 356 'Speedster'. It was a dashing strike to the market especially in Southern California, due to its low-raked windshield, minimum folding top, plush bucket seats, and much more. The Porsche 356 Speedster has also appeared in many films, like 'Top-Gun' and 'Only 48-Hours'. The production of this car peaked a figure of 1,171 in the late 50s, but then eventually it began to decline. That's when it got replaced by the Convertible D model, which additionally featured glass side windows, excess comfortable seats, and a windshield. This car stuck around gloriously for a span of one year, and immediately in the following year, it was replaced by the Porsche 356B Roadster (a.k.a stripped down convertible).

Porsche 356
The Porsche is generally classified into major groups like: cabriolets (soft-top) and coupes. The recent revision of 356 was the 356C introduced in 1964 year of model. It featured a knock-down push-rod engine, the company's one ever achievable production of engine, was named, 95 hp (71 kW) SC and had disc brakes too. The same push-rod four cylinder engine was re-introduced in the 912 entry model of Porsche.

Today, the selling price of an original late 50s Porsche model is USD 20,000 compared to the earlier price which was USD 4,000. Also, the most collected cars in the present times included are, Porsche 356 Carrera that has a four-cam racing engine, Speedster models and the Super 90.

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